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Any organization or person wishing to nominate one or more candidates must send a nomination to the Secrétariat du Prix de la Justice.  

Nomination form


A nomination must include the following elements:

• a cover letter briefly describing the career or main achievement of the person nominated, and the reasons justifying consideration for the award;
• a copy of the person's résumé, along with a photograph;
a copie of the nomination form in PDF format (to be printed, completed and returned to the Secrétariat du Prix de la justice du Québec).


Nominations for the Prix de la justice award must be sent by mail to:


  Secrétariat du Prix de la justice du Québec
Direction des communications
Ministère de la Justice
Édifice Louis-Philippe-Pigeon
1200, route de l'Église, 1er étage
Québec (Québec) G1V 4M1



Deadline for nominations


The deadline for nominating a candidate is June 16, 2017.


Selection process


A selection panel examines the nominations, verifies the eligibility of the candidates and make its recommendations to the Minister of Justice. The working sessions of the panel are held in private.


The selection panel is chaired by the Chief Justice of Québec and consists of one member from the academic world, one member from the media and two members representing the general public.



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Latest update : March 16, 2017

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